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Facing discomfort throughout your body impacts your quality of life. When you develop signs of fibromyalgia, you want to treat the condition at an early stage to limit the impact on your lifestyle and health. At Total Health Chiropractic, we offer the tools you need to address fibromyalgia pain and start the recovery process.

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What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a common type of musculoskeletal condition. It is second after arthritis and it generally causes discomfort and pain throughout your body. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and the duration of the condition, you may experience fibromyalgia syndrome.

Common symptoms of the conditions include:

  • Widespread joint and muscle pain


  • Extreme fatigue or feeling tired


  • Decreased threshold for pain


  • Pain at specific points in your body


  • Depression and anxiety

While fibromyalgia impacts women at a higher rate than men, it can occur in any individual and it does not have any obvious underlying cause for the discomfort. By treating the condition at an early stage, you reduce the risk of long-term complications with your health.

Treating Fibromyalgia

In our offices, we offer natural and holistic treatments to help reduce your pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care focuses on aligning your spine and neck for better communication and function throughout your body. We also reduce pressure on specific areas of the body, which may help with pain caused by pressure on your nerves.

After ensuring the proper alignment of your spine and bones, we may use tools like stretching, exercise and massage to further reduce the discomfort and help your body heal. We focus on the underlying situation and develop a personalized treatment plan after evaluating your specific needs, so the details of any treatment plan may vary.

When to Consider Treatment

As a general rule, you want to consider treatment with a chiropractor when you notice widespread and consistent pain in your body. You may notice general discomfort at an early stage of the condition, so you want to discuss your situation before it worsens and causes complications with your health. We may also recommend treatment after an accident, since it may cause poor alignment or additional pressure on specific points in your body. By treating injuries from an accident, you reduce the risk of developing more complex problems with your health and mobility.

Fibromyalgia impacts your health and complicates your lifestyle. You want to treat it as soon as you notice a problem and a holistic solution offers a tool to help your body start healing.

At our clinic, we offer the tools and treatments you need to address fibromyalgia and start working toward long-term goals to improve your quality of life. We recognize the challenges of the condition and we take steps to help reduce the amount of pain you experience so you can start enjoying your favorite activities. To learn more about our treatment plans or for an appointment with one of our six locations today.

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