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Myths About Chiropractic Care

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Did you know that, among other myths about chiropractic care, chiropractors used to be stereotyped as witch doctors? Because the American Medical Association didn’t understand chiropractic care in the beginning, they even convinced some local governments to make chiropractic a crime!
Fortunately for everyone, scientific studies done by hospitals and independent labs ended up proving that chiropractic care was grounded in scientific theories. The more research was done, the more reason doctors found to believe that even the pioneering, “witch doctors” were onto something real and helpful.
But that’s not the only myth about chiropractic care.

More Myths about Chiropractic Care

People tend to believe many things, not all of them accurate. What are some other myths about chiropractic care?

Myth #1: Chiropractic Care is Only Used for Back Pain

Although back pain is one of the most common reasons that our patients initially seek us out, they are quick to find that chiropractic care treats so much more than that. Chiropractic care is based on the core principle that optimal health and wellness are achieved, not through artificial means but through guiding the body to its own intuitive knack for healing. As much as possible, we avoid surgical interventions in favor of hands-on treatments such as manual spinal adjustments to help align the joints along the spinal column, physical therapy exercises and nutritional counseling.


Spinal misalignment can cause pinched nerves that lead to conditions such a migraines, sciatica, insomnia and TMJ. Chiropractic care can help to alleviate all of these conditions. Additionally, we believe in “whole person” wellness, meaning that we look for underlying causes of illness and injury, instead of just addressing the presenting symptoms. Rather than offer a band aid of temporary relief, which is what painkillers typically do, we look at age, health history, fitness level, lifestyle and other personal factors to help us determine how to treat your problem in the most effective way. Getting to the root of the issue allows us to customize a solution specific to your situation, not just offer a cookie-cutter, a one-size-fits-all cure.

Myth #2: Chiropractic Adjustments Are Painful

Many people think that the “popping” sound they hear during chiropractic adjustments means that the treatment is painful. The popping sound, referred to as cavitation, is actually just the sound of built up gasses being released after the spinal joints are shifted back into place. The sound has nothing to do with the feeling that accompanies adjustment.

Instead of being painful, manual spinal adjustments actually most often result in the opposite sensation an immediate relaxation of tense muscles and a feeling of relief from pain.

Myth #3: Chiropractic Doctors Don’t Have a Lot of Training

While it is true that chiropractic doctors don’t have a medical degree, they do have specialized training that requires just as many years of study as a physician. Most chiropractors have undergraduate degrees in biology, chemistry or various health sciences as well as other advanced certifications in areas such as physical therapy, nutrition or disease. In addition, in order to earn their doctor of chiropractic degree, chiropractors must complete three to six years of schooling followed by a period of clinical internships, during which they are supervised by experienced physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists or other healthcare professionals.

Myth #4: Chiropractic Care is a “New” Type of Health Treatment

Although chiropractic care didn’t come into mainstream popularity until about 20 or 30 years ago, it actually has roots in ancient history. The manual manipulation of the spine was used on patients as early as the fourth century A.D. The word “chiropractor” comes from the Greek language and means “done by hand.” The formal practice of chiropractic as a medical discipline didn’t begin until the late 1800s when Dr. Daniel David Palmer reportedly cured a janitor of deafness by performing a spinal adjustment. Dr. Palmer coined the term “subluxations” which referred to spinal misalignment and he believed that these misalignments could have an extreme effect on a person’s overall health and wellness. Palmer opened the first Chiropractic School in 1895.

Myth #5: Chiropractic Care is Not Covered by Any Insurance

Although once considered “alternative medicine,” chiropractic treatments began to surge in popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s. This popularity hit a peak when the National Institutes of Health changed the name if it’s Office of Alternative Medicine to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). With the name change came a wave of related clinical studies about the effectiveness of chiropractic care. Increased public interest in all-natural, drug-free health likely played a large part in the popularity of chiropractic care and the interest in this treatment modality continues to grow each year. Consequently, many employee-sponsored insurance plans now include chiropractic care as one of their routine health maintenance options.

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Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments to correct misalignment’s and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally.
If you are being treated for a work related injury or if you have been in an automobile accident many times your treatment is covered at 100% by insurance.  If you have insurance we will always try to work with your plan and we will do our best to let you know up front what your out of pocket expense will be.  The best thing about Chiropractic care is that you are paying for treatment.  Not expensive testing.  Your maximum out of pocket office visit will be $60 or less.  We will always work hard to make sure you get a great value and life changing information.  
Your first visit includes a consultation and exam with the doctor as well as x-rays when necessary.
Yes, chiropractic is a beautiful and natural way to manage pain.  For Acute injuries Chiropractic care is often a “cure”.  Chiropractic is a tool for chronic pain.  If used along with the correct exercises and simple, but profound, lifestyle changes it can help make a huge difference. Chiropractic works to ease pain and allow your body to return to health.  Many people are able to get off dangerous and expensive drugs for good.  Increased energy, better sleep and a stronger immune system are the “side effects” of chiropractic care. 
Everyone is different.  After 25 years of practice I am still surprised at how quickly Chiropractic works for pain.  Most people will know that that Chiropractic is working for them within 3-6 adjustments.  Many people feel much better after 1-2 treatments.  Then the work of healing and stabilizing begins and the real and life changing benefits of chiropractic treatment become evident.  Everything to better sleep, increased energy, and better digestion.  Chronic and frequent health problems start to improve or even disappear.   Nothing stays the same.    
We do prefer that you schedule an appointment so that we can ensure that we have plenty of time set aside for you with the doctor.
Yes! Chiropractic and pregnancy are a great combination.   Many OB’s now refer their patients for chiropractic treatment due to the many structural changes the female body goes through during pregnancy. One of my greatest joys was a pregnant woman who was referred to me for low back pain.  While under treatment her chronic migraines were completely resolved too!  She was able to get off all medication and enjoy a safer and healthier pregnancy.

Yes! Besides making you feel better during pregnancy, getting regular chiropractic adjustments can also help control nausea, prevent a potential C-section and has even been linked to reducing the amount of time some women spend in labor.