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Massage therapy dissolves stress and relieves worn out muscles. That’s why it complements chiropractic care so well. Regularly receiving massage therapy builds up the immune system, decreases blood pressure, and stimulates circulation.


Massage therapy is more than just an indulgence. It can be an important part of living a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. That why our Total Health Chiropractic office offers massage therapy services in Chattanooga to help you rest, recover and refresh.


Massage Therapy Services in Chattanooga

We offer six massage therapy services in Chattanooga at our Highway 58 office.



1. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common massage. It’s a great way to relieve stress, increase circulation, lower blood pressure, and reduce pain. It relaxes the muscles and fights soreness, stiffness, and inflammation from stress. It can also reduce depression and anxiety, and prevent serious illnesses.


2. Sports Therapy Massage

Sports therapy massage can help prevent injuries and speed up recovery. It loosens the muscles and increases circulation and flexibility before workouts. After a workout, it fights against fatigue and inflammation and lowers the chance of future injuries.


3. Trigger Point Therapy

Small, tender areas of muscle are called “trigger points”. These painful knots or muscle fibers disrupt your nervous system and comfort. Targeting these points can help relieve sports injuries and muscle tension, chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, and even depression. A type of trigger point therapy called neuromuscular therapy targets distant areas of the body that connect to the problem area via the nervous system.


4. Stretch Therapy

Stretch therapy is a great way to improve all-around wellness. It decreases the risk of injury, corrects posture, increases circulation and range of motion, promotes better muscle function, and limits pain.


5. IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

This therapy helps reduce pain and increase the range of motion and muscle response. Our therapists massage using blunt instruments on areas of chronic inflammation, degeneration, or scar tissue.


6. Cupping Therapy

Cupping stimulates circulation and helps release toxins. It uses suction on targeted areas to increase blood flow. This helps support the immune system and encourages healing and relief in those areas.


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We want you to go from stressed out, tired, and sore to happy, healthy, and energized. Visit our Highway 58 office today to learn more about these massage therapy services and how they can help you.