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We know how hard it is when back pain disrupts your daily life. It ranges from mild lower back pain to severe upper back pain. It’s estimated that 76% of Americans will experience some sort of back pain this year. In fact, back pain in Chickamauga GA is on the rise. And with so many types and causes, no wonder the numbers keep growing.

At Total Health Chiropractic, we treat many different kinds of back pain. Our chiropractors in Fort Oglethorpe GA work with you to identify what is causing your pain. Conditions that our chiropractors see and treat include misalignment of the spine, bulging disks, sciatica, and many others.

Find Relief From Back Pain In Chickamauga GA

We understand that only treating the symptoms is not a good idea. Pain medication only masks the issue. Chiropractic uses spinal adjustments and other proven natural treatments. Our goal is to work with patients to find and eliminate the root cause of back pain. We want to help you enjoy life in the same way again.

Back pain is a complex condition. And you deserve for your needs to be addressed well. If you are having back pain in Chickamauga GA, we want to see you reach your goals for health and quality of life.

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